Today I sent my first application for college! I applied to my top school, SCAD, The Savannah College of Art and Design. Wish me luck to getting in :)



On Saturday morning this weekend, my mom drove her and I up to Three Rivers-about 45 minutes- up into the mountains where we met my Aunt Pam. After Breakfast we drove down to Slick Rock.

With my shoes thrown on the dirt, camera and one hand and the other hand keeping me balanced, I walked through the river to make some photographs.

There was one couple and a family that caught my attention. To get the shots I had to stand 2 feet in mud under the water all while trying to keep my balance.

It was a warm day and the water rushing through my feet felt amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better morning!Image

A sweet girl was sunbathing under the warm sun.



While laying stomach first on a rock, I painfully captured several poses of this sweet dragonfly whose colour matched the river blue.

ImageMy mother posed while i captured a family playing in the background. Image

A couple camped out on a rock while with no knowledge of me in the bushes.


Who Am I?

Dear Readers,

I bet you would like to become more familiar with the person you are going to be following for the new few years. Well, for an introduction, my full name is Adriane Yelena Hale.  But you should be surprised to learn that I wasn’t born with this name. “Why?” you ask.  Well, that is because I was adopted at three months old.  My adoptive parents adopted me from the city, Rostov na danu, in Russia.  I was born with the name Vera Anatoleyevna Velishco.  Pretty cool, eh?

Presently, I am going to be a senior in high school.  I play varsity soccer and I am involved heavily with the media department at our school.

My passion is photography.  My goal and hard work is to be able to photograph for National Geographic.

Miss Hale

Reason For This Blog

Dear Readers,

Unlike most blogs you find over the internet, I would like mine to be thought of as unique.  The purpose of my blog is to record my journey to being a photographer for National Geographic.  Whether through writing or posting my pictures along the way, I am going to share every bit of my experience with the world.

Along with recording my adventures, I will be writing to inspire others.  To me, love, passion, dreams, and happiness are the key to life.  I would like to reach as many people as I can with my work, so I may inspire others to find what makes themselves happy so they can develop a passion and follow their dream.

I hope that you will enjoy learning about my life and experiences as well as being inspired to follow your own dreams!

So please, I invite you to stick around and we’ll reach our dreams together!

Ill see you soon,

          Miss Hale