Reason For This Blog

Dear Readers,

Unlike most blogs you find over the internet, I would like mine to be thought of as unique.  The purpose of my blog is to record my journey to being a photographer for National Geographic.  Whether through writing or posting my pictures along the way, I am going to share every bit of my experience with the world.

Along with recording my adventures, I will be writing to inspire others.  To me, love, passion, dreams, and happiness are the key to life.  I would like to reach as many people as I can with my work, so I may inspire others to find what makes themselves happy so they can develop a passion and follow their dream.

I hope that you will enjoy learning about my life and experiences as well as being inspired to follow your own dreams!

So please, I invite you to stick around and we’ll reach our dreams together!

Ill see you soon,

          Miss Hale


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