Who Am I?

Dear Readers,

I bet you would like to become more familiar with the person you are going to be following for the new few years. Well, for an introduction, my full name is Adriane Yelena Hale.  But you should be surprised to learn that I wasn’t born with this name. “Why?” you ask.  Well, that is because I was adopted at three months old.  My adoptive parents adopted me from the city, Rostov na danu, in Russia.  I was born with the name Vera Anatoleyevna Velishco.  Pretty cool, eh?

Presently, I am going to be a senior in high school.  I play varsity soccer and I am involved heavily with the media department at our school.

My passion is photography.  My goal and hard work is to be able to photograph for National Geographic.

Miss Hale

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