Miss Khloe: A Bushel Of Joy

I had the greatest pleasure of photographing Miss Khloe on Friday the 21st.  She was a ball of energy and we had a great time playing together at the park.  In my work, I am able to have fun and make beautiful pictures of children.





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Poppin’ Head Out the Car, Like A Big Pup!


After my weekly visit to the Farmer’s Market, I had a greatest pleasure of spotting this little guy. Surprisingly, as I was walking to my car, I found this pup peeking his head out of the car. It is so cute when people bring their pets everywhere, but I wonder if it ever gets stinky?

New pups

Stuck in Dallas

Being delayed for a flight is one thing, but when you are a fresh, new eighteen year old, and the situation consequently ends in me missing my connecting flight to my dad’s, that, my friend,  is a whole ‘nother story.

I began my “flight morning” routine around 4:00am, yesterday.  After stacking my luggage in the car, my mother dropped me in Dinuba to spend an early Christmas with my grandma until my 2:00pm flight at Fresno International Airport.

My morning was swell.  Along with her friends, we had a delicious breakfast at Denny’s.  Immediately after arriving home, we began decorating Christmas sugar cookies.  When Grandma mentioned a gingerbread house that she had bought recently, we immediately switched projects.

Time began crawling up on us so we left at 12:30pm to ensure enough time to make the flight.  After checking my luggage, we realized I had a long time before boarding, therefore, we had a snack at an airport restaurant. Twenty minutes prior to boarding, we  exchanged our goodbyes, and I was off to gate 12.


Who would have thought that the following hours would effect the rest of my day.  When the speaker informed us of the two hour delay, I had a bad feeling.  After the Plane finally took off at 4:40pm,  I realized that I wasn’t going to make my connecting flight in Dallas.

Upon landing, I ran to the shuttle and rode it for 3 stops until they dropped me at the B Gate building. Tired for running for about 10 minutes, I finally arrived at my gate- B39.  To my surprise, there was no one in sight-but a single man. I walked the entire floor until I found a worker to assist me.  She mentioned to me that the flight had left over forty minutes ago.

After about 25 minutes she gave me vouchers, a hotel, and shuttle ride.  I went to the Comfort Inn where I checked in and I slept in room 313.  Unfortunately, the vouchers were only valid on the plane, so how would that help?  So I bought some food and I watched Comedy Central until around 12:30 and I fell asleep.


RISE AND SHINE! I woke up at 5am to tidy up my room and email clients.  The 6am shuttle drove me to the airport where I went through security.

I was sitting just now, with a friend that I met yesterday, he was in the same situation. We walked to restaurants and bought a lot of food with our vouchers of $19.00. I bought a Starbucks drink, a yogurt cup, fruit cup, banana, and a caesar chicken wrap!

I am now looking out the window (8:01) for my flight.


High School Movie Makers!

Adriane Hale 2012. Monstrosity.
Adriane Hale 2012. Monstrosity.

After three years of film classes, and a little more than a year of photographing, I am honored to start on a new direction in my high school career.

A student at my high school has began making a movie.  While being a busy director, he also the screenwriter, and created the screenplay, an amazing makeup artist/prop designer, and will act.  After talking with him yesterday and sharing my portfolio, I was on board to be a set photographer for his film.

I am proud to support all of my friends in this movie, titled Monstrosity.  My friends are actors and several people from my high school are helping with the movie.  It’s fun to see people from different talents of our school connecting to make a great movie.


Adriane Hale 2012. Monstrocity.
Adriane Hale 2012. Monstrocity.


This is my fourth time working as a set photographer between Los Angeles and here in the Central Valley.  I had my first experience with Monster Killer http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5129422/ where I really started learning about more about the camera and how shutter speed, aperture, and ISO worked with each other.

I wasn’t used to making pictures in difficult lighting situations and had to self teach myself on the spot.    The first day I was nervous, but I kept shooting. Throughout the shooting, the producer was very kind and taught me about what I need to look for when shooting on set.  My experience with filming helped me greatly and before I knew it, I was making better pictures.  I learned a great deal about a movie from all aspects of the business including the actors, sound man, cinematographer, director, producer, and editor.  The producer said that I was better than most of his set photographer’s in the past who have gone to college to learn set photography.  I was proud to have learned such a great deal after working on the movie.

Adriane Hale 2012. Monster Killer
Adriane Hale 2012. Monster Killer.

My second and third experiences were down in Los Angeles.  A friend-Prop Master- who resides in Los Angeles, let me spend some time down there with him.  In addition to showing me around the busy city, I experienced several great things.  I was able to help build an entire set from scratch for a music video.  The music video was for a upcoming K-Pop Artist, Chad Future’s “Hello” song.  After planning all aspects of the set, we had to go out and buy all of the supplies and then piece everything together.  Additionally, I did set photography for the video.




Adriane Hale 2012. Chad Future “Hello”



After I arrived back home, I sent Chad the pictures and set that they were great and that he would hire me to shoot photographs for his next music videos! For me, the experience was inevitable. I got to meet with actors/actresses, producers, directors, and other photographers who taught me.



Adriane Hale 2012. Monster Killer


I met other great directors that live in Los Angeles, and as soon as I move down there after high school, they are going to help me out and give me opportunities to work as a set photographer.

And now I will be doing set photography for a student film and I feel like my work will be great!

We filmed one scene today in a neighborhood and it took about 1.45 hours and it went very well. The final product will be entered into film competitions and I am excited for the results!

So Follow and I will Keep you updated on the journey of my life :)

Stage Fright: Fear to Confidence

Can you relate to a fear-Stage Fright? 

Just the thought of speaking in front of people makes me cringe and feel sick.  Everyone’s eyes are peeled on you and there is nowhere to turn.

I often jumble my words when speaking to people and end up not finishing my thoughts.  When I give a presentation in school I walk up to the front of the class and I instantly feel my face turning bright red and my body turns weak and starts shaking. When I begin to speak everything is jumbled and I can only focus on the 30 pairs of eyes staring back at me.

What if I told you that I could help you improve your speeches and reduce the fear of being in front of a camera or and audience.  Well, here is my idea of reversing my stage fright and fear of being in front of the camera.

Youtube.com is the cure.  I am challenging myself to speak in front of a camera and talk about my day-everyday. I just began this challenge, I hope that it helps my confidence in speaking. 

Even after a few times of posting videos, my confidence in speaking has increased. I practice at school and I feel myself feeling relaxed when carrying on a conversation and even during my presentations for finals.

I hope that everyone who has the fear of speaking in front of an audience gives this a try. It may seem scary at first, but it is worth it to gain the confidence you need to speak. 

I hope to hear your stories of improvement in the comments below!