Stage Fright: Fear to Confidence

Can you relate to a fear-Stage Fright? 

Just the thought of speaking in front of people makes me cringe and feel sick.  Everyone’s eyes are peeled on you and there is nowhere to turn.

I often jumble my words when speaking to people and end up not finishing my thoughts.  When I give a presentation in school I walk up to the front of the class and I instantly feel my face turning bright red and my body turns weak and starts shaking. When I begin to speak everything is jumbled and I can only focus on the 30 pairs of eyes staring back at me.

What if I told you that I could help you improve your speeches and reduce the fear of being in front of a camera or and audience.  Well, here is my idea of reversing my stage fright and fear of being in front of the camera. is the cure.  I am challenging myself to speak in front of a camera and talk about my day-everyday. I just began this challenge, I hope that it helps my confidence in speaking. 

Even after a few times of posting videos, my confidence in speaking has increased. I practice at school and I feel myself feeling relaxed when carrying on a conversation and even during my presentations for finals.

I hope that everyone who has the fear of speaking in front of an audience gives this a try. It may seem scary at first, but it is worth it to gain the confidence you need to speak. 

I hope to hear your stories of improvement in the comments below!



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