After researching other network marketing companies I decided to go with Visalus!

I am excited about my decision and ready for a new me!

This company can benefit yourself, your friends and family, and children all over. I am feeling healthier than I ever have been and I am sharing my results with my friends and they are getting on the product to! Since I am a promoter, I am getting paid to share this life-changing challenge.

I am promoting the challenge which means I challenge my friends and family to live a healthier lifestyle. My 90 day challenge is to lose 20 pounds. In my first week, I have lost 8 pounds and I feel amazing! I feel more confident at the gym and I am happier overall!

The best part about this company is that, instead of whoever signed me up getting paid, I am getting paid as a promoter! Every time I lose 10 pounds or gain 10 pounds of muscle I get a free t-shirt and arm band! In addition, I enter to win a weekly contest that awards 10 individuals with 1,000 dollars each. I am on my way to get my BMW! I am so excited and dedicated to this opportunity.

This company not only gives the opportunity to people doing the challenge but children as well. When you lose, 30 meals are sent to a child in need. So I am getting healthier and I am helping others out! It is a beautiful feeling.

I encourage everyone to check out http://adrianehale.bodybyvi.com and get ahold of me so we can talk. I want to share this with everyone because it is incredible! Even give me call or shoot a text 559.827.5588! I look forward to talking with you! :)