The Unlit Lantern Now Shining Bright

I’ve lost my way to my dream.

Just short of a year ago I had big dreams of photographing for National Geographic and adventuring with my camera every day. In the past six months, I have barely touched my camera, changed my major from photography to criminal justice, settling at something more stable.

I knew something was terribly wrong because my interactions with others became minimal, I was getting angry at people and my friends  and becoming really stressed out about everything. I was complaining a lot, not eating well. No exercise was in my daily routine.

This behaviour is dramatically different from my normal self who is very go green, into healthy eating and exercising, and playing with her camera every day, almost obsessing over photography as a result of pure passion in hopes of becoming greater.

I asked my friend why he wasn’t getting angry with me as I acted out the past couple of months. He said that it was because I had a lot going on and that he knew I was just trying to get through it. What I realized from that conversation was that I was really going through a difficult time. I gave up on my dream and decided on something that I believed to be a good job, protecting people as a police officer, but it didn’t satisfy what my heart and my dreams and goals had been wanting. I repressed my not only want, but my need for photography and traded it in for something more stable.

Now that I realized what I had done, I am feeling passionate again and more alive than ever.


The reason for sharing my story today is that you should never, ever give up on your dreams. Even if you don’t see any possible way to achieve them, there always is and you can’t give up if you know in your heart that’s what you were meant to do- need to do.




After researching other network marketing companies I decided to go with Visalus!

I am excited about my decision and ready for a new me!

This company can benefit yourself, your friends and family, and children all over. I am feeling healthier than I ever have been and I am sharing my results with my friends and they are getting on the product to! Since I am a promoter, I am getting paid to share this life-changing challenge.

I am promoting the challenge which means I challenge my friends and family to live a healthier lifestyle. My 90 day challenge is to lose 20 pounds. In my first week, I have lost 8 pounds and I feel amazing! I feel more confident at the gym and I am happier overall!

The best part about this company is that, instead of whoever signed me up getting paid, I am getting paid as a promoter! Every time I lose 10 pounds or gain 10 pounds of muscle I get a free t-shirt and arm band! In addition, I enter to win a weekly contest that awards 10 individuals with 1,000 dollars each. I am on my way to get my BMW! I am so excited and dedicated to this opportunity.

This company not only gives the opportunity to people doing the challenge but children as well. When you lose, 30 meals are sent to a child in need. So I am getting healthier and I am helping others out! It is a beautiful feeling.

I encourage everyone to check out and get ahold of me so we can talk. I want to share this with everyone because it is incredible! Even give me call or shoot a text 559.827.5588! I look forward to talking with you! :)

700 Cats in the HOUSE!

This illegal fuzzball staring off at a buzzing fly!

Whoa whoa whoa. Now, when I heard that this woman had 700-1000 cats at her house, I thought she was mayyybeee exaggerating a bit. You know you have when you were talking about how many boyfriends you’ve had or how many first place trophies you have won.

Anyhow, Wow, if you live in the Central Valley, or plan on visiting California(And LOVE Cats) , definitely come on down to Reedley, California.

This lady has gave up her house to her kitties to make a No Kill Shelter. Want to adopt, sponsor, or volunteer at the shelter? Check out her website

She devotes her time for these furry little friends.

This precious darling looking up for a brief second from Chowing Down!

I am a volunteer at the Cat House on the Kings now, and I decided to show you some of the fuzzballs in the baby nursery :)

This little guy is enjoying the sun shining through window

The “Dark Side of Me” Music Video

On Saturday, I shot set photographs for a music video which will be entered into a film competition.  This specific contest is called a quick fire because we have 11 days in preproduction, production, and post production.

The morning of the shoot we met up at the Visalia Sports Park at 10:00 AM. My group arrived 15 minutes early and waited until the next car pulled up beside us. To everyone’s surprise, we had the same car-though different in year and colour- it sure did receive some chuckles.


Who wore it best?

After unloading the equipment, we walked down a dirt path and began setting up for the first scene.

While the actors got dressed, camera men put on the appropriate lenses.

Then the director showed everyone their positions.Image

And we were ready to shoot!

This soldier is the protagonist.
Hunting down people.


Here is the protagonist’s wife, who is dead. She appears throughout the video.
Here, Dylan(left) is showing the soldiers(right) the choreography to a fight scene.


Caleb filming a scene.
The fight between the protagonist and antagonist takes place.
The camera man sets up his shot while actors are learning choreography for the fight scene.
The antagonist hits the soldier and takes his weapon, holding him at gunpoint.
Caleb (right) shoots a soldier firing his weapon.
Caleb and the director show the actors their next positions
Spencer shooting the soldiers as they run through the forest.
Dylan runs through the forest, trying to kill the antagonist.
A soldier aims at the Antagonist.
A soldier aims at the Antagonist.
Spencer (right) shooting the soldier hunting down the protagonist.
Spencer (right) shooting the soldier hunting down the protagonist.
Soldier's Wife appears behind him.
Soldier’s Wife appears behind him.
Soldier's Wife strokes his face
Soldier’s Wife strokes his face
Soldier takes a quick break from firing and thinks.
Soldier takes a quick break from firing and thinks.
The antagonist aims.

This journey helped to provide me with more experience in set photography and learning my settings. Choosing my camera settings is becoming more of an instinct, than something that I still have to take time to set.

Shining Ever So Bright

They won’t believe it,

even when they see it.


They never thought I’d come this far

or ever believe I could follow my heart.

I knew I’d be lead to my dream

guided by my heart , they’ll see.


My light was shining too bright for them to see.

Instead of coming ahead with me,

They stayed behind with their Ray Bans.

Never came, but stayed,

Blinded by the light I shed.


All those years I shined bright

and made my way up this high.

I climbed up to the very top,

smiling after  reaching my dream.


I looked back down to see them,

but instead they turned away.

They would never see the view from here,

They barely saw the view from there.



Shine bright with all your might.

Don’t wait for them-in darkness,


Shine until you see the light.


I want to be a photographer because i want to capture stories and show them to people and I want them to feel emotion from the photographs I make. I want to capture the worst of ours worlds problems and hopefully when people see them it will spark them into maybe changing a bad habit or help another person out, help a cause. For instance, a story of a young boys farm. A person in a car ran off the road and killed this poor boys cattle. The story was published in national geographic magazine and people were inspired to get together and send animals and give money to the little boy so he could rebuild his farm, his life. Or maybe capture a story on the horrible deforestation that’s taking place in countries and hopefully it will keep people from being so wasteful. I want to inspire people to do good. I also love making people happy, I really do. I empathize greatly with people and I love making people smile! People are so busy with their lives, and live them routinely. They are focused on whose going out with who or how fat they look or pointless activities. I want them to see the stories I make and really analyze them and make them feel emotion whether its sad or happy-anything that gets them thinking. I also want to inspire other people to do amazing things, because we were all born to shine in a sense.

Sam Abell

This morning before school I have been reading/watching articles and interviews about Sam Abell.  He was a documentary photographer for around 30 years and published several stories in National Geographic Magazine. His thoughts, ideas, and experiences about and with photography are compelling. He makes me think more about my photography. I am going to work more on composing my shots, and then capturing them.

I will make my photographs more complex and spend time making the perfect photograph.

It is the Thought that Counts

It is the Thought that Counts

Today in the streets of Los Angeles I found a sign through a window that had-written upon it- a very true statement. When someone gives someone a gift that holds importance or the feeling of thoughtfulness that the giver expresses.

Often, I give my friends gifts that hold a special meaning, memory, and something that shows I care and listen. They tell me that I give the best gifts. :)

Preparation of a Rally

Thursday was busy night.

Arriving at my high school, El Diamante in Visalia, California, I met my friends and we walked into the gym together.  I spent my night making pictures for the Fall Varsity Sports and Organizations practicing their dance routines for next morning’s rally.



Dance Team, In Motion


In Motion




Girl’s Water polo


Urban Arts


Boy’s Water polo