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Stuck in Dallas

Being delayed for a flight is one thing, but when you are a fresh, new eighteen year old, and the situation consequently ends in me missing my connecting flight to my dad’s, that, my friend,  is a whole ‘nother story.

I began my “flight morning” routine around 4:00am, yesterday.  After stacking my luggage in the car, my mother dropped me in Dinuba to spend an early Christmas with my grandma until my 2:00pm flight at Fresno International Airport.

My morning was swell.  Along with her friends, we had a delicious breakfast at Denny’s.  Immediately after arriving home, we began decorating Christmas sugar cookies.  When Grandma mentioned a gingerbread house that she had bought recently, we immediately switched projects.

Time began crawling up on us so we left at 12:30pm to ensure enough time to make the flight.  After checking my luggage, we realized I had a long time before boarding, therefore, we had a snack at an airport restaurant. Twenty minutes prior to boarding, we  exchanged our goodbyes, and I was off to gate 12.


Who would have thought that the following hours would effect the rest of my day.  When the speaker informed us of the two hour delay, I had a bad feeling.  After the Plane finally took off at 4:40pm,  I realized that I wasn’t going to make my connecting flight in Dallas.

Upon landing, I ran to the shuttle and rode it for 3 stops until they dropped me at the B Gate building. Tired for running for about 10 minutes, I finally arrived at my gate- B39.  To my surprise, there was no one in sight-but a single man. I walked the entire floor until I found a worker to assist me.  She mentioned to me that the flight had left over forty minutes ago.

After about 25 minutes she gave me vouchers, a hotel, and shuttle ride.  I went to the Comfort Inn where I checked in and I slept in room 313.  Unfortunately, the vouchers were only valid on the plane, so how would that help?  So I bought some food and I watched Comedy Central until around 12:30 and I fell asleep.


RISE AND SHINE! I woke up at 5am to tidy up my room and email clients.  The 6am shuttle drove me to the airport where I went through security.

I was sitting just now, with a friend that I met yesterday, he was in the same situation. We walked to restaurants and bought a lot of food with our vouchers of $19.00. I bought a Starbucks drink, a yogurt cup, fruit cup, banana, and a caesar chicken wrap!

I am now looking out the window (8:01) for my flight.


Chocolate Frosted Donut Time!


Scotty’s Donuts|Visalia Ca                                                              Adriane Hale

With me, my entire childhood, has been Visalia’s own local donut shop, Scotty’s Donuts.  This location is accessible through drive thru on Walnut, near Mooney, or you can pop by the window and pick out your snack/meal.  In addition, they have the best, crunchiest ice in town!  You never go wrong with Scotty’s, so the next time you are craving something sweet and want a steaming cup of coffee, or have a birthday coming up, stop by the donut shop!