Sights of Urban Beauty

Mallika and I were driving in my Kia Soul, Princess Buttercup, to a small town near Pasadena for a hang out session on Saturday. As we were driving on the freeway, around twenty-five different firework shows were going on throughout the city. The lights were reflecting off of the tall buildings of Downtown Los Angeles. I felt perfect. It was gorgeous and beautiful site. While in the car, we were jamming to some old-school music. *Cheers* to a wonderful night!


Lights, ACTION!

A few months ago my good friend stopped by my house, and, for the first time I set up my mom’s old lighting system.  I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but we had some fun.ImageAt first, we were having difficulty thinking of ideas, but then I remember I had an entire dresser drawer filled of magazines. So we moved my desk in front of my window curtains, and spread the magazines over the desk.  ImageSuddenly I remembered that my friend had a desk fan in her room, so I grabbed it and set in on a night stand facing Jess so her hair would blow around. I wanted her to look happy so I had her smile and flip fast through the book.ImageAfter, she sat atop the desk and did a cute pose.ImageWe couldn’t walk away from this shoot without a close up of her beautiful face!ImageShe laid on the desk, at first it was uncomfortable, but then we found a position that was more relaxing. I love the wood of my desk!ImageIn this shot she was looking off to the side.ImageThis shot she looks carefree!( :

For my first time using the lights, I think I was pretty successful, and we had a lot of fun, too!