Volunteering at PhotoLA


Photo by Jay Mark Johnson. http://www.photola.com.
A friend, Madoka, from Photo 2 (Photo Darkroom) class sent an email to my former classmates earlier this week about volunteering at PhotoLA. I hadn’t a clue what that was but I love photography and volunteering so I decided to sign up as well with my friend Jack.

After picking her up, Madoka and I arrived at PhotoLA and found our way to the second floor of the building to find a huge photography exhibition. There we met Chris, the floor manager, and his son, Cadmar, who gave us our volunteer shirts, badges, and instructions.

I started off greeting and taking tickets and learning from another volunteer. It was a lot of fun seeing new faces and welcoming all of the people who were excited to see the photography and installations and listen to lectures.

Later in the day, I was moved to checking badges at the VIP lounge. The location of the lounge was absolutely perfect. It was in the center of the entire exhibition as opposed to being in a cramped corner. Inside, VIP guests were given complimentary cappuccinos and expressos, a bottle of soda, and pastries. There were two tables where people could chat or photographers could show potential buyers their portfolios. In addition to the VIP lounge, VIP guests were also allowed to go into all of the lectures they desired for the flat rate instead of purchasing each lecture separately. If I weren’t volunteering, I would have purchased the VIP ticket and came everyday of PhotoLA.

Towards the end of the day, Jack, Madoka and I looked through the hundreds of photographs and met a number of incredible people. We stopped by Santa Monica College’s booth were we talked with our former Photo 2 instructor, Steve Moulton. It was time to head home- so we gathered our belongings and headed home.


Rising the next morning, Jack and I were excited for today’s adventure again at PhotoLA. After I picked up my other friends we headed to Los Angeles. Today was even better than the previous day. I interacted with the volunteers even more and it felt like a family with all of the people I was around. It was our second day so we were “in the know” and knew our jobs inside and out. I was able to go through the exhibition by myself and take my time looking at work and talking with people.
At the end of the day we took some pictures and hugged one another not to say goodbye but just to see them “next time” because we are going to continue to stay in touch.
The atmosphere at this event is fun, upbeat and very clean. I was filled in a room with people who enjoy photography and socializing and everyone I came across was very kind, intriguing, and full of stories.

I had a marvelous time, if you live in Los Angeles, California and love photography, socializing, and having fun I suggest you to volunteer at this amazing event!


Early Morning Traveling: Destination Tennessee

A day of awesomeness. One of the greatest parts of being a photographer is traveling and exploring a new world. 

Driving to Los Angeles

“Ring Ring…Ring Ring” the alarm clock buzzed on my phone at 4:00am. Used to waking up at this hour, I was hardly effected, which is more than I could say for my night owl brother, Jamison, and cousin, Tanisse. After packing our light carry ons, we jumped in the car for six day trip.


We drove into the airport parking lot and passed the large LAX sign.

I stepped into the airport with my camera straps over my shoulders and breathed in, happily.

“Ah” there is something about airports that I have always loved, including airplanes and flying. Image

Family on the Plane


A young boy and his carry on luggage

On the airplane I gazed outside, admiring the beautiful landscapes and imagined myself exploring, on a photo assignment, capturing the Earth for all to see. Additionally, I wrote in my notebook for ideas of my future.

A Fancy Red Solo Cup
Delicious Sweet Tea that-sadly- we do not have in California.


















Once my family and I arrived in Nashville, Tennessee, we hopped in a rental car and headed straight to Cracker Barrel- across from our hotel.

































































Now in the hotel, I borrowed two photography books from downstairs and- after a nice, warm shower- am writing in my journal.









Goodnight, my lovely followers, and wish me luck on my next journey to Kentucky.

~Adriane Hale 










































The “Dark Side of Me” Music Video

On Saturday, I shot set photographs for a music video which will be entered into a film competition.  This specific contest is called a quick fire because we have 11 days in preproduction, production, and post production.

The morning of the shoot we met up at the Visalia Sports Park at 10:00 AM. My group arrived 15 minutes early and waited until the next car pulled up beside us. To everyone’s surprise, we had the same car-though different in year and colour- it sure did receive some chuckles.


Who wore it best?

After unloading the equipment, we walked down a dirt path and began setting up for the first scene.

While the actors got dressed, camera men put on the appropriate lenses.

Then the director showed everyone their positions.Image

And we were ready to shoot!

This soldier is the protagonist.
Hunting down people.


Here is the protagonist’s wife, who is dead. She appears throughout the video.
Here, Dylan(left) is showing the soldiers(right) the choreography to a fight scene.


Caleb filming a scene.
The fight between the protagonist and antagonist takes place.
The camera man sets up his shot while actors are learning choreography for the fight scene.
The antagonist hits the soldier and takes his weapon, holding him at gunpoint.
Caleb (right) shoots a soldier firing his weapon.
Caleb and the director show the actors their next positions
Spencer shooting the soldiers as they run through the forest.
Dylan runs through the forest, trying to kill the antagonist.
A soldier aims at the Antagonist.
A soldier aims at the Antagonist.
Spencer (right) shooting the soldier hunting down the protagonist.
Spencer (right) shooting the soldier hunting down the protagonist.
Soldier's Wife appears behind him.
Soldier’s Wife appears behind him.
Soldier's Wife strokes his face
Soldier’s Wife strokes his face
Soldier takes a quick break from firing and thinks.
Soldier takes a quick break from firing and thinks.
The antagonist aims.

This journey helped to provide me with more experience in set photography and learning my settings. Choosing my camera settings is becoming more of an instinct, than something that I still have to take time to set.

High School Movie Makers!

Adriane Hale 2012. Monstrosity.
Adriane Hale 2012. Monstrosity.

After three years of film classes, and a little more than a year of photographing, I am honored to start on a new direction in my high school career.

A student at my high school has began making a movie.  While being a busy director, he also the screenwriter, and created the screenplay, an amazing makeup artist/prop designer, and will act.  After talking with him yesterday and sharing my portfolio, I was on board to be a set photographer for his film.

I am proud to support all of my friends in this movie, titled Monstrosity.  My friends are actors and several people from my high school are helping with the movie.  It’s fun to see people from different talents of our school connecting to make a great movie.


Adriane Hale 2012. Monstrocity.
Adriane Hale 2012. Monstrocity.


This is my fourth time working as a set photographer between Los Angeles and here in the Central Valley.  I had my first experience with Monster Killer http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5129422/ where I really started learning about more about the camera and how shutter speed, aperture, and ISO worked with each other.

I wasn’t used to making pictures in difficult lighting situations and had to self teach myself on the spot.    The first day I was nervous, but I kept shooting. Throughout the shooting, the producer was very kind and taught me about what I need to look for when shooting on set.  My experience with filming helped me greatly and before I knew it, I was making better pictures.  I learned a great deal about a movie from all aspects of the business including the actors, sound man, cinematographer, director, producer, and editor.  The producer said that I was better than most of his set photographer’s in the past who have gone to college to learn set photography.  I was proud to have learned such a great deal after working on the movie.

Adriane Hale 2012. Monster Killer
Adriane Hale 2012. Monster Killer.

My second and third experiences were down in Los Angeles.  A friend-Prop Master- who resides in Los Angeles, let me spend some time down there with him.  In addition to showing me around the busy city, I experienced several great things.  I was able to help build an entire set from scratch for a music video.  The music video was for a upcoming K-Pop Artist, Chad Future’s “Hello” song.  After planning all aspects of the set, we had to go out and buy all of the supplies and then piece everything together.  Additionally, I did set photography for the video.




Adriane Hale 2012. Chad Future “Hello”



After I arrived back home, I sent Chad the pictures and set that they were great and that he would hire me to shoot photographs for his next music videos! For me, the experience was inevitable. I got to meet with actors/actresses, producers, directors, and other photographers who taught me.



Adriane Hale 2012. Monster Killer


I met other great directors that live in Los Angeles, and as soon as I move down there after high school, they are going to help me out and give me opportunities to work as a set photographer.

And now I will be doing set photography for a student film and I feel like my work will be great!

We filmed one scene today in a neighborhood and it took about 1.45 hours and it went very well. The final product will be entered into film competitions and I am excited for the results!

So Follow and I will Keep you updated on the journey of my life :)


I want to be a photographer because i want to capture stories and show them to people and I want them to feel emotion from the photographs I make. I want to capture the worst of ours worlds problems and hopefully when people see them it will spark them into maybe changing a bad habit or help another person out, help a cause. For instance, a story of a young boys farm. A person in a car ran off the road and killed this poor boys cattle. The story was published in national geographic magazine and people were inspired to get together and send animals and give money to the little boy so he could rebuild his farm, his life. Or maybe capture a story on the horrible deforestation that’s taking place in countries and hopefully it will keep people from being so wasteful. I want to inspire people to do good. I also love making people happy, I really do. I empathize greatly with people and I love making people smile! People are so busy with their lives, and live them routinely. They are focused on whose going out with who or how fat they look or pointless activities. I want them to see the stories I make and really analyze them and make them feel emotion whether its sad or happy-anything that gets them thinking. I also want to inspire other people to do amazing things, because we were all born to shine in a sense.

It is the Thought that Counts

It is the Thought that Counts

Today in the streets of Los Angeles I found a sign through a window that had-written upon it- a very true statement. When someone gives someone a gift that holds importance or the feeling of thoughtfulness that the giver expresses.

Often, I give my friends gifts that hold a special meaning, memory, and something that shows I care and listen. They tell me that I give the best gifts. :)

Flowers For Love


Flowers from my Beautiful Boyfriend.  

Daniel gave these to me as apart of his asking me to the Harvest dance on Saturday!

I am surprised they have not died yet- in the past they wither away too fast- so I must be doing something right this time! :)

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and I hope you have a fantastic week! 

Past. Present. Future (National Geographic)

Dear Diary,

My mom says that I should start college in the summer. She says that I am changing into a Visalian- for the worse. Most people in Visalia are nobodys, but I want to be someone and I have to keep my drive.  I agree with her, I think Ill start in June.

I need to begin a new life, my adult life, where I can become the person I have always wanted to be.

I think that I have to let go of everything that I have ever previously known. Is that the right thing or is my head just clouded with confusion? I think it may be my final decision to let go off everything, everyone here when I leave, though I am rotten at goodbyes.

I don’t think forever lasts forever with people, necessary.  But the impact you have on another person is the thing that they will keep forever in their hearts. I hope to make a strong impact on people through photography.

I am not sure how to say goodbye, but I plan on leaving with several “see ya laters.”  Though it may be a lie for the majority, it will help me lose connection and focus on my future.

I cannot have anything holding me back in college. I can meet up with the past, maybe in my future.

I need to focus on leaving for college these last few months of high school and refine all of the lessons that I have been taught these past 17 years to be independent when I reach adulthood.

I need to focus on my dream of photographing for National Geographic. I have the drive, the passion, and work ethic. I will keep practicing and weeding out my mistakes so that I can become more consistent in my work.

Some people ask me why I work so hard with my photography.  They don’t understand that it isn’t something I have to do, it’s something that is apart of me and I am driven to make beautiful pictures that will make an impact on both people and the world. It brings me great joy in what I do and I think about photography all the time. I daydream about photographing and making a difference in the lives of people.

I know I have a lot to learn, but I will continue to work very hard for the people of the world so when I shoot my first assignment for National Geographic, they will feel strong emotion from my pictures that will inspire them to better our world.

See ya later,

Miss Hale


Hey guys,

Guess what? I just bought a new camera! What camera did I buy, you ask? Well, it is the Nikon d800! Exciting, right?

Upon waking up, I walked outside and sat in the grass this chilled morning.  I read the entire manual and took test shots to learn my new device.

With a full frame and 32 mega pixels this is the best camera I have had by far.  My first camera was a small kodak camera, so this is a great step up!

If you haven’t taken a look at this beautiful camera yet, here’s a link to check it out! http://imaging.nikon.com/lineup/dslr/d800/

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! ImageImageImageA couple of my Kittens :) <3 Thanks for reading,

Miss Hale

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