Dog Sitting.

The Greatest Thing Since Mac n’ Cheese.



The next time you are gobbling down the soft, delicious, warm, cheesy, noodles- Please Keep in Mind that there is a greater feeling than eating those mmmmm noodles.

Dog Sitting.


People pay you to give cuddles to their best friend. It’s adorable, and all of those adjectives listed above, guess what..THEY ARE HERE TOO!

SOFT, WARM Drool all over the place. Delicious- Deliciously full of cuteness.

Look at this retriever, for instance, cheesy coloured fur…

In conclusion, dog sitting is like eating mac n’ cheese that cuddles with you.


Poppin’ Head Out the Car, Like A Big Pup!


After my weekly visit to the Farmer’s Market, I had a greatest pleasure of spotting this little guy. Surprisingly, as I was walking to my car, I found this pup peeking his head out of the car. It is so cute when people bring their pets everywhere, but I wonder if it ever gets stinky?

New pups