Early Morning Traveling: Destination Tennessee

A day of awesomeness. One of the greatest parts of being a photographer is traveling and exploring a new world. 

Driving to Los Angeles

“Ring Ring…Ring Ring” the alarm clock buzzed on my phone at 4:00am. Used to waking up at this hour, I was hardly effected, which is more than I could say for my night owl brother, Jamison, and cousin, Tanisse. After packing our light carry ons, we jumped in the car for six day trip.


We drove into the airport parking lot and passed the large LAX sign.

I stepped into the airport with my camera straps over my shoulders and breathed in, happily.

“Ah” there is something about airports that I have always loved, including airplanes and flying. Image

Family on the Plane


A young boy and his carry on luggage

On the airplane I gazed outside, admiring the beautiful landscapes and imagined myself exploring, on a photo assignment, capturing the Earth for all to see. Additionally, I wrote in my notebook for ideas of my future.

A Fancy Red Solo Cup
Delicious Sweet Tea that-sadly- we do not have in California.


















Once my family and I arrived in Nashville, Tennessee, we hopped in a rental car and headed straight to Cracker Barrel- across from our hotel.

































































Now in the hotel, I borrowed two photography books from downstairs and- after a nice, warm shower- am writing in my journal.









Goodnight, my lovely followers, and wish me luck on my next journey to Kentucky.

~Adriane Hale