Adventure Park Commercial

Adventure Park Commercial

Our Advanced Media Broadcasting class has a tv show called Ed Hews. It’s a biweekly show and My group of three makes commercials both days :) 


Silent Morning

Silent Morning.Visalia Ca.2011                                              Adriane Hale

Silent Morning.2011                                                                                                                                                                                                  Adriane Hale

Before Sunrise on a Saturday morning, I drove downtown, and came across a restaurant with beautiful colours on the wall. So I stole the shot right before the owner turned the lights on! I have to say I was pretty lucky!

Chocolate Frosted Donut Time!


Scotty’s Donuts|Visalia Ca                                                              Adriane Hale

With me, my entire childhood, has been Visalia’s own local donut shop, Scotty’s Donuts.  This location is accessible through drive thru on Walnut, near Mooney, or you can pop by the window and pick out your snack/meal.  In addition, they have the best, crunchiest ice in town!  You never go wrong with Scotty’s, so the next time you are craving something sweet and want a steaming cup of coffee, or have a birthday coming up, stop by the donut shop!

Self-Inflicted Mediocrity vs Bestowed Genius

“Mediocrity is self-inflicted, Genius is bestowed”-Walter Russel

The level of how much you care, reflects on the accomplishments you achieve in life.

A common misconception of being mediocre, is that it is the fault of another person. Most cowards point fingers at, “him” or “her”, blaming them for their own- personal- sorrowful, failures. But in fact, mediocrity is the result of a person who is satisfied with being only, o.k. with everything action in life. When things become too difficult to handle, their first instinct is to give up.  Though most believe a personal failure is another person’s fault, the mediocrity of oneself is self-inflicted by not withholding a desire to achieve more in life.

To achieve greatness, far beyond mediocrity, one should acquire determination to strive towards a goal. Then they are the select few who keep moving forward, realize life is about how much you can take, and keep moving forward.  Furthermore, the title of genius is bestowed upon those who have earned their place after pressing on through difficult times. An inspirational example is J.P. Morgan, who, during the Panic of 1907 of North America, acquired the attitude of, “I get what I want,” and- while the American people were getting settled for worse to come- he diligently worked to save America, twice, from declaring bankruptcy.  In addition, Steve Jobs is the greatest-most recent-hero of today. He  took advantage of every opportunity and constantly strived to better himself, and never settled for anything less than what he knew was capable of, which was nothing.  Jobs once said, be driven by what you love and never fear failure, and don’t waste your time being trapped by dogma.” Genius is a title earned by those who have been marked as heroes because of their accomplishments which strived far beyond mediocrity.

Everyone in America, no, everyone in the world, should not settle with being mediocre with everything in life, but strive to achieve greatness, because, “as [you] let [your] own light shine, [you] unconsciously give other people permission to do the same, as [you] are liberated from your own fear.”

Visalia, CA|Adriane Hale

Hanging with the Homeless


Homeless|The Oval,Visalia, Ca                                                           Adriane Hale

While my mom was driving to soccer practice I pulled out my camera when passing the Oval, which is a small park not in the best part of town, and stole some shots of a group of people who make there home there.